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Blooming Paper Calendar_2
Product Name: Blooming Paper Calendar_2    [Add to Quotation List]
Code: GS1121
MOQ: 1000PCS
Size: 13.5cmW x 16.5cmH x 6.5cmD
Material: Sesame Seed
Print: Silk Screen Printing
Blooming paper is a kind of 100% recycled paper with the addition of wildflower and seeds. When the paper is planted or in touch with the soil, it will be biologically degraded; leaving the seeds (i.e. the residue of the degraded recycled paper) behind growing vividly in the soil and eventually becoming a new plant on the earth! The blooming paper not only helps to green our environment, it also serves as a valuable and inspiring gift for your company's promotion purposes. Let’s help to preserve our environment as well as “growing” our business opportunities.

- 100% recycled and biodegradable
- Customized shapes to suit any of your requirements- Different color available
- Different kinds of seeds available

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