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GPET (RPET) Recycled Lanyard - Dye Sublimation
Product Name: GPET (RPET) Recycled Lanyard - Dye Sublimation    [Add to Quotation List]
Code: GS1021
MOQ: 2000 PCS
Size: 90cm(L) x 1.5cm(W)
Material: 100% Recycled Material
Print: Dye Sublimation
Recycled PET bottle can be used as substitute of nylon, PP, PVC, PE plastic. Such materials are chemically synthesized from petroleum the process of which will release and emit environmental unfriendly green house gas, such as carbon dioxide.

Since PET bottle is non-biodegradable and its disposal will increase the burden of landfills, the more PET bottle we re-use, the higher capacity the landfills will be!

Unlike ordinary PP eco-lanyard, GPETTM eco-lanyard uses only recycled PET as raw materials, with no usage of petroleum by-products, e.g. nylon and PP plastic.

Let's work with us to promote your ideas and save our planet!
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GPET (RPET) Recycled Lanyard - Dye Sublimation